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The health crisis we are experiencing at the moment has made us rethink our workspaces. Forced to work from home has led many employees to really enjoy the benefits of working from home. The result has been workspaces that have been neglected and one wonders what will come of these empty spaces?

Employers have come to realize they need to reinvent their workspaces, as they look forward to the time when they will resume their activities from the office. The new challenge for businesses will be to regain the confidence of their employees by offering ingenious solutions, in order to create a flexible workspace.

The ‘’Flex Office’’ or ‘’Hybrid Office’’…What does it mean? The new flex office trend gives employees the freedom to choose their workspaces. Whether it is a desk in the open office, a conference room, the office kitchen or working from home, with digitalization this allows employees to access their work tools everywhere. Some of the advantages of the flex office are reducing costs on office space rentals, as well as, reducing transportation costs and time and the flexibility of this new trend can easily fuel creativity and increase productivity.

Several options are available to you, with a design centered on the user, we can create more inclusive, user-friendly, and collaborative spaces. Furthermore, the work environment must consider occupational safety, functionality, and diversity. In addition, the creation of hybrid work areas, large spaces for office breaks and relaxation, and a warm environment will provide an inviting office space that drives enthusiasm with the employees to return to the office.


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