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Corporate PROJECT

Globalex Assurances is a well-established insurance firm, providing risk management and insurance solutions in a dynamic, professional, and efficient manner.


With many of their agents working from home or on the road, Globalex Assurances’ offices were not being used efficiently. Accepting this reality, the firm asked Aquest Design to create a warm office environment that would would be relevant to their needs.

Design Concept

Located in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal, Globalex Assurances wanted a professional environment that nonetheless suited their natural mountain surroundings.

Services Provided

This was a turn-key project involving Design Consultancy, Renovation Management, Furniture and Installation.


The Aquest Design team created the warm multipurpose spaces shown, where staff are welcome when they need to work in the office. A large variety of multipurpose spaces provide for meetings and conferences, larger team gatherings and touchdown points. There are permanent offices for on-site staff.


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