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Educational PROJECT

Where boundaries disappear and horizons broaden…

Kingsway College School has a well established Junior school in Etobicoke and they base their culture around our Four Doors to Learning; the KCS Habits of Mind, Body and Action; and Three School Rules. In 2023 they opened their doors to a brand new Senior school! This amazing facility is located on the Lakeshore in an iconic new condominium block, and has won 2 highly prestigious architectural awards. Learning here is focused on student lead programs including a café encouraging entrepreneurship and business minded approach.

The Challenge

Aquest Design was tasked with providing modern and mature looking furniture whilst making sure that it was school durable and body health focused.

The Design Concept

Our design team worked along academic directors to provide layouts for open spaces, classrooms, and labs bearing in mind the technology incorporated into the spaces and also the teachers needs for agility.

Services Provided

Another challenge with this project was the new building and unforeseen construction delays! Our project managers were able to arrange off site storage until moving in date and at this point our install team provided our white glove service which includes unpackaging, cleaning, room set up, and training.

The Results

A stunning learning space with furniture that blended in with the wood features, perfectly matching the school colors. The PantoSwing chairs provided health benefits to the students with movement and comfort features. The LIGNOdur desks provided the school with highly durable worksurfaces which are particularly resilient to the often rigorous lab use. Both chairs and desks are stackable and the chair design allows for non abrasive desk mounting making floor cleaning a breeze!


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