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Securing the perfect commercial space for your business is an exciting milestone, but the work doesn’t stop there. Customizing your space to align with your brand and operational needs is a key step toward creating a productive and inspiring work environment. This is where your landlord’s Tenant Improvement Allowance (TI Allowance) can make all the difference, enabling you to undertake a renovation that exceeds your expectations.

The TI Allowance is a negotiated amount that the landlord agrees to contribute towards the cost of renovating or improving the space. This allowance can be a substantial benefit towards the full scope of your renovation plans.

Determining Your Renovation Costs

Before signing a lease, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your renovation needs and the associated costs. This involves working closely with a design and construction firm to develop a detailed plan and cost estimate. Factors to consider include:

Evaluate Your Renovation Budget

Once you have a clear understanding of your renovation costs, you can compare them to the TI Allowance offered by the landlord.

Stretch Your Renovation Budget

The TI Allowance acts as a financial springboard, allowing you to stretch your renovation budget further. By covering a significant portion of the renovation costs, the TI Allowance frees up additional funds that can be allocated to:

Build your TI Team – Collaborating for Success

Working closely with your landlord and engaging a design build team that is willing to provide progressive budgeting throughout the process is key to maximizing the benefits of the TI Allowance. By aligning your renovation plans with your landlord’s requirements and leveraging your design-build partners’ expertise, you can ensure a smooth renovation process that meets both your vision and budget.


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