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Integrating a work of art into a fitout project is a real challenge! Often relegated to the “final touches” of a project, it becomes difficult to incorporate such a work into the concept once the main phases are complete.

For COFOMO’s office, AQUEST’s team of professionals incorporated the work of art right into the early stages of the design process. AQUEST enlisted the services of the professional artist MAZZUOLO, specializing in large-scale abstract works, to create a custom piece.

The collaboration between the artist, the designers, and the client allowed for the development of the art piece within budget and to the client’s preferred specifications. The artist then worked closely with the AQUEST to produce sketches and samples for approval.

The artist created the ‘COFOMO’ artwork in the corporate colors of the company. The piece subtly incorporates the movement of the logo, adding to the meaning of the work without compromising its artistic value.

Carefully positioned in one of the entryways, this refined artwork brings the space to life with its captivating interplay of light and texture—a true conversation piece, admired from every angle.

Beauty is in the details!


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